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The slurry of aerated concrete equipment adopts lime, which has fast digestion speed and high digestion temperature

October 08, 2021
The slurry of aerated concrete equipment adopts lime, which has fast digestion speed and high digestion temperature.
The temperature of the slurry changes greatly in the height direction of the mold, so the heat at the bottom of the aerated concrete equipment with low temperature is very low, and it is difficult to have high temperature in the middle part with low temperature.
Therefore, the pore pressure, pressure gradient and ultimate shear stress are uneven along the die height and the speed is too fast.
The ultimate shear stress in the middle of aerated concrete equipment is very large, and the gas is easy to be restrained, so it should be stretched to the place where the ultimate shear stress is small.
Produce longitudinal cracks. The upper limit shear stress is small and the air is comfortable, but when the components continue to generate gas or air pressure, the aerated concrete equipment will also damage the top mud surface and form bubbles.
The failure of aerated concrete equipment is something no one wants to happen, but no one can guarantee that the equipment is free from problems and can only prevent it.
According to some production conditions of the equipment, hidden dangers of the equipment can be found in time, and some simple faults can be repaired to prevent small faults from being dragged into major accidents.
During the production of aerated concrete equipment, the gap burst may also be caused by poor air permeability.
When the strength of the green blank is too low when it is introduced into the kettle, the wall layout can not bear the pressure difference in the blank in the vacuum process.
When the pores are uneven or the aluminum powder degreasing agent is inappropriate, it will also cause cracking; But all kinds of outbreaks have their own characteristics.
If the lime particle or pore layout is poor, we will adjust it according to different conditions.
In the production process of aerated concrete equipment, the fracture of green body is mainly reflected in the appearance of the product.
Peel off the outer surface of the product, with a large block of about 10cm2 and a small block of 1cm2 to form the outer surface.
The main cause of the attack is over burned lime particles or unmixed lime particles.
Because the quicklime particles are not digested during the static stop of the casting, but disintegrate rapidly after being loaded into the kettle, the product is damaged with the expansion of volume.
After digestion or cutting, undisturbed lime agglomerates can now cause damage to the green body.
During autoclave maintenance, the large expansion value of lime agglomerates further leads to broken blocks.
Dry construction methods with precise blocks and professional adhesive layers and ordinary cement mortar using ordinary building blocks and traditional building methods.
From the appearance alone, the wall built by dry masonry method is "taller" than the wall built by traditional construction methods.
Let's learn about special adhesives and dry structures:
1. Why does aerated concrete and dry construction have a special adhesive?
In the long-term construction, it is very difficult for aerated concrete block to be closed by porous with special structure, the surface water is fast, and spread to the inside, forming the phenomenon of pouring through. The aerated concrete block is pre poured with the traditional pouring method. When the traditional mortar is used for construction, due to the poor water retention, the traditional mortar and masonry mortar will be absorbed by the aerated block on the water, resulting in insufficient cement curing, abnormal strength, reduced bonding mortar and compressive strength, unstable bonding between mortar and masonry, and affecting the quality of masonry wall. Cracking, hollowing, falling off and endless faults. Therefore, the traditional mortar is not suitable for building blocks. When building mortar for aerated concrete blocks, first of all, it is necessary to ensure good water to prevent wet mortar blocks from being absorbed, so as to ensure the masonry quality.
Inner hole structure of aerated concrete equipment products
2. Compared with traditional buildings, dry masonry autoclaved aerated concrete block masonry has the following characteristics:
3. The wet construction of masonry mortar is replaced by special adhesive, and the thickness of mortar joint is 2mm ~ 3mm, which effectively reduces the thermal conductivity of masonry and eliminates the generation of mortar joint of bridge.
4. The method of not mixing mortar and prohibiting the watering of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in front, which not only saves water resources, but also facilitates the on-site civilized construction management.
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