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How to maintain the aerated concrete equipment when the temperature drops:

October 07, 2021
1. The temporary construction power shall be well protected and connected to neutral, equipped with leakage protector and three-level distribution two pole protection. Generally, the mixer rotates in one direction for mixing. Therefore, when connecting the power supply, pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the mixing drum.
2. Before using the mortar mixer, it must be accepted by the building security management department to confirm that the mortar mixer meets the requirements, and can be used only after a permit or acceptance procedures are issued. The installation place shall be flat and solid, and the mechanical installation shall be stable and firm.
3. Before startup, check whether the insulation and grounding of electrical equipment are good (if protective grounding is adopted), and whether the protective cover of belt pulley is complete.
4. After start-up, the mixing operation can be carried out while adding water after idling and checking that the rotation direction of the mixing blade is correct.
5. When mixing mortar, mixing machine is not allowed to use foot or shovel, wooden rod to dial down, scrape and mix the cylinder mouth, tools can not collide with stirring leaves, and even when rotating, the tools are put into the hopper and grout. No one is allowed to stand under the hopper of the mixer. When the bucket is lifted and stopped, the security hook shall be hung.
6. During operation, it is not allowed to extend hands or wooden sticks into the mixing drum or clean the ash paddle at the mouth of the drum.
7. In case of failure during operation, the power supply shall be cut off, the mortar in the cylinder shall be poured out for maintenance and troubleshooting.
8. After operation, clean and maintain the inside and outside of the mortar mixer and the site, cut off the power supply and lock the box door.
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