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Does light brick equipment have an impact on the external wall? Lightweight high temperature resistant building materials made by technology

October 09, 2021
Light brick equipment is mainly used to produce light bricks. Light brick mainly uses fly ash, lime, cement and gypsum as the main raw materials. After raw material processing, batching, pouring, static stop, cutting and high-pressure cooking. The light high temperature resistant building material made by this process. It has the characteristics of light weight, good heat preservation effect, sound absorption and processing performance. Light brick equipment cannot be used to build exterior walls. There are two main reasons:
Poor waterproof performance. Because the density of light brick is not as high as that of red brick.
It cannot be used to bear weight. The outer wall is usually a load-bearing wall.
1. Light brick equipment includes light concrete blocks, light aggregate concrete blocks, ceramsite concrete blocks and other light blocks. They have the characteristics of heat preservation, sound absorption and light weight. They are suitable for secondary structural masonry partitions. During construction, but not for exterior walls.
Secondly, light brick equipment usually refers to foam brick. Using this kind of brick for ordinary indoor partition wall will not increase the load of the floor, and the sound insulation effect is good! The strength product consists of plate corundum and mullite as aggregate and sillimanite composite as matrix. Special additives and a small amount of rare earth oxides are mixed and kneaded, and then formed by high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering. Ordinary lightweight insulating refractory bricks are made of clay, high aluminum high-strength floating bead bricks, low iron mullite, high aluminum multi light insulating refractory bricks and diatomite insulating refractory bricks.
3、 Advantage
1. Economy: it can reduce the foundation cost, reduce the cross section of the frame and save reinforced concrete.
Condensate can greatly save the total cost of the building. Designed to use light bricks instead of solid clay bricks, the total cost can be reduced by more than 5%.
2. Practicability: the use of light bricks can increase the use area. Due to the thermal insulation of aerated concrete, the thermal insulation effect is good. In hot summer, the indoor temperature is 2-3 ° C lower than that of solid clay bricks. The use of air conditioning can reduce power consumption.
3. Construction: light brick equipment has good processability, convenient and simple construction. Due to its large volume and light weight, it can reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency and shorten construction period.
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