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How to remove rust on aerated concrete equipment?

September 30, 2021
Aerated concrete equipment is operated outdoors and has a large area, so it can not be used indoors. Therefore, it is inevitable to rust when often exposed to the wind. Steel will rust when it is in wet environment and in contact with water. Therefore, it is suggested that we should protect and maintain the machine and remove the rust of aerated concrete equipment.
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There are usually three methods for derusting aerated concrete equipment: chemical derusting and mechanical derusting.
Chemical descaling: the acid in the descaling solution reacts with rust to form water-soluble salt and wash it off. Therefore, it is washed again. Its advantage is better derusting effect, but its disadvantage is easy to corrode. The metal surface needs to be cleaned after pickling. If it is not cleaned, the residual salt will seriously affect the adhesion of the paint film. Mechanical derusting method: sand blasting machine, polishing machine, angle grinder, steel wire brush and other mechanical equipment are used.
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Firstly, the aerated concrete equipment shall have good anti freezing and waterproof protection to ensure that the production site will not be too wet and avoid freezing. The humidity and water content of raw materials shall be strictly tested, and the raw material ratio shall be met. The fineness and quality of raw materials shall be checked. If the aerated concrete equipment encounters rain and snow, protective measures shall be taken to avoid rain and icing.
For the work of aerated concrete equipment, the maintenance time of aerated concrete equipment, the location of lubricant, interval, etc. shall be clearly specified. During production, if the aerated concrete equipment has abnormal noise, the inspection and maintenance shall be stopped in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.