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The application of aerated brick equipment in construction and other industries is gradually increasing

October 05, 2021
When using aerated brick equipment, the materials will be broken into particles after leaving the factory, and stored in multiple waterproof sealed silos, and stored separately according to batch and quality conditions. When discharging is used, multiple silos are used together with discharging. The silo is respectively connected with the single belt conveyor through the electromagnetic vibration feeder and fed evenly to the grinding process. In addition, multiple silos are used as raw materials and stored in admixture storage tanks, which also facilitates the production of silos of different quality and varieties. The storage structure should be set up using allocators or other methods. How to store? Ensure that materials are used in order of priority.
After feeding, the raw materials of aerated brick equipment shall be stored in multiple hoppers according to quality, thickness and humidity. When discharging, it shall be used together with multiple hoppers. The hopper is connected with a single belt conveyor through an electromagnetic vibration feeder. The homogeneous feed is sent to the mechanical eccentric vibration or mechanical conical screen to screen the sundries, and then the storage box is sent to the batching. The storage of grinding head cylinder shall be set as stable feeding. According to the condition of lime particles, stepless speed regulation equipment is used for feeding. The flow required for grinding raw materials is continuously adjustable and can be adjusted in time according to the process requirements and the fineness of discharge. During the operation of the mill, the tail ventilation shall be maintained to maintain the internal temperature and humidity of the mill, so as to ensure the balance and continuous production of the mill. The ash powder shall be connected to the conveying equipment and then sent to a sealed moisture-proof storage box.
The application of aerated brick equipment production line in various industries such as construction is gradually increasing, and the investment in aerated brick equipment production line is also increasing. I believe everyone knows how to use aerated brick equipment. In order to better help you use aerated brick equipment, the following small series will introduce some aspects of installation, commissioning and acceptance of aerated brick equipment production line.
Requirements for installation, commissioning and acceptance of aerated brick equipment production line:
1. Whether the equipment is fixed and whether the equipment is fixed after installation;
2. Whether or not the maintenance line of aerated brick equipment production line is reserved, all cables, cables, control lines and power lines in and out of distribution cabinet and console shall be arranged in order, and the belt shall be neat and beautiful. Identity added.
3. The cutting machine of aerated brick equipment production line is the core part of the whole production line to ensure the level and accuracy of the cutting machine. Other equipment shall operate stably after installation, and there shall be no noise during operation;
4. If the paint on the equipment is "painted" during installation, the paint shall be "polished";
5. Each pipeline and valve shall be installed without leakage, the "pipeline" shall be in good condition, and the steam pipeline shall be insulated.
After the aerated brick equipment brick is formed, the green body is assembled on the parking line in front of the kettle, and the kettle door of the autoclave to be discharged is opened. First, pull the finished tank car in the winch out of the winch, and then prepare the kettle for steaming. The vehicle hoist is pulled into the autoclave for maintenance. Lift the finished products on the brick truck of aerated brick equipment to the finished product warehouse with bridge crane, and then lift the empty truck and the bottom of the kettle back to the return line. After cleaning the molding, use the hoist to pull back the coding frame. One cycle. The above are some requirements and matters for the installation, commissioning and acceptance of aerated brick equipment production line. I hope it will be helpful to you in the future.
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