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What should be paid attention to when selecting the aerating block equipment?

September 29, 2021
According to the statistics of sales personnel, 40% of customers only know the price of aerating block equipment and don't care about the performance of the equipment. Why do they have such a heart? It is understood that it is generally because of problems such as land, personnel and funds. Many factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing aerating block equipment, such as the scale of the manufacturer, the quality of the equipment and pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, so as to buy equipment with good cost performance.
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Aerating block equipment
1. After sales service:
Clearly understand the services provided by the manufacturer after purchasing the equipment. For example, it is not easy to pay for installation, training, commissioning, transportation, site planning, etc. if there is no installation and training of manufacturers, it will be difficult to operate, and it may bring you a lot of inconvenience and loss.
2. Understand products
Understand the production mode, model, production capacity, power size and price of gas free block equipment in detail. Although the equipment investment ranges from 160000 to 300000, you should understand it clearly before buying to avoid economic losses caused by buying inferior products. (remind customers: 1. One price and one goods. Cheap goods are not good goods, and good goods are not cheap. 2. Don't trust installment payment manufacturers to avoid falling into the price trap).
3. Combine your needs
Through the understanding of the above aspects, choose the equipment suitable for your needs, such as the production capacity you need, your capital status, production conditions and production environment, etc. Only these aspects are combined. Only through their own understanding and investigation can they buy appropriate equipment.
4. Investigate merchants
This is very important. Businesses should investigate clearly, such as the manufacturer's business license, the size of the manufacturer's land occupation, the manufacturer's manufacturer, the manufacturer's reputation, the manufacturer's after-sales service, product quality, understanding the advantages of the manufacturer's equipment, etc.
Aerating block equipment
The requirement of aerating block equipment for production conditions is not high. The simple shed can be used as the factory. The products are stored in the open air without warehouse, and the requirements for the quality of workers are not high.
The investment can be large or small, and the production mode is flexible. It can start with a small amount of mold investment, or directly invest in large-scale production, either fixed site production or mobile production.