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What are the advantages of aerated concrete equipment products?

September 28, 2021
As an important part of wall material innovation and building energy saving, aerated block produced by aerated concrete equipment is an ideal wall material to replace clay brick after years of application and practice. It has strong competitiveness in various wall materials. Aerated concrete will be a new lightweight building material developed vigorously in recent ten years. So, what are the advantages of investing in aerated concrete equipment? Let's have a look.
One of the advantages, which is also the advantage of the foundation. All the raw materials needed for the production of aerated concrete equipment are ubiquitous and very low-cost raw materials. Including sand, fly ash, fly gangue, slag, tailings, etc.
The second advantage is China's policy advantage. Under the advocacy of ecological civilization, China's wall reform policy is a strong support for the better development of aerated concrete equipment, and China's policy is supported by practical measures of tax reduction and exemption, which is a favorable advantage for the rapid development of the industry.
The third advantage is scale advantage. Our company has its own R & D base and production workshop, with mature and reliable technology and stable equipment quality.
The fourth advantage is technical advantage. Compared with traditional clay brick and solid brick, the composite material produced by aerated block has the advantages of low cost, simple process, low carbon and environmental protection, and solves all the problems of traditional process.
The fifth advantage is the advantage of after-sales service. With the concept of win-win cooperation and the purpose of service above, our company provides complete services for every customer.
The above is the relevant introduction of the advantages of aerated concrete equipment. Our company can provide customers with a full set of services from the aspects of site design, equipment installation, technical guidance and after-sales maintenance.
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