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Five unique advantages of Bona aerated block production line

September 11, 2021
In terms of operating the aerated block production line, we have summarized so many years of experience. At present, we have summarized five advantages, namely: uniformity of mixing, stability of green body operation process, accuracy of measurement, continuity of production process and accuracy of cutting size.
1、 Uniformity of mixing. The maintenance here requires us to regularly clean the mixer, do a good job in the maintenance of the mixer, timely replace the worn parts, ensure the integrity of the mixing paddle and other accessories, and ensure the normal use function of the mixing system.
2、 The stability of green body running process. Ensuring the smooth operation of transportation in the production process can reduce the damage to the billet structure in the transportation process, and then reduce the impact on the product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the track is flat and free of sundries during transportation, and the lifting equipment and turnover equipment can run smoothly.
3、 Accuracy of measurement. Here, it is necessary to regularly use the weight calibration of the symmetrical measurement system to ensure the correctness of the proportioning measurement of the production line of the aerated block equipment.
4、 Continuity of production process. Only by ensuring the production continuity of the whole aerated block production line can we maximize the production efficiency. Therefore, we must pay most attention to the work continuity between various machines. Therefore, we must update and maintain the parts of the whole set of equipment in time if they are worn.
5、 Accuracy of cutting dimensions. The operation condition of the cutting machine directly affects the cutting accuracy. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the maintenance of the transmission device, steel wire positioning device and other equipment of the cutting machine. We should find the imperfections of the device in time and correct them.