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Features of finished aerated block produced by aerated block production line

September 10, 2021
The aerated block production line is widely praised by customers because of its good finished products. What are the benefits of aerated blocks? What are the characteristics of his finished products? Today, Bona's engineers will give you a detailed explanation!
1. The compression capacity of the aerated block is good:
The compressive strength of aerated block is greater than 25 kg / cm2, which is equivalent to the compressive strength of No. 125 clay brick and lime sand brick.
2. Good processing performance of aerated block:
The aerated block has good machinability. Capable of sawing, planing, nailing, milling and drilling. And reinforcement can be added in the manufacturing process. It brings great convenience and flexibility to the construction.
3. High temperature resistance of aerated block:
When the temperature of aerated concrete is below 600 ℃, its compressive strength increases slightly. When the temperature is about 600 ℃, its compressive strength is close to the compressive strength at room temperature. Therefore, the arson performance of aerated concrete as a building material reaches the national first-class arson standard.
4. The air block has good sound insulation performance:
From the pore structure of aerated concrete, it can be seen that because the internal structure of aerated concrete is like bread, a large number of closed pores are evenly distributed, so it has the sound-absorbing performance that ordinary building materials do not have.
5. Aerated block is conducive to mechanized construction:
According to the current situation, prefabricated aerated concrete assembled slab can save the storage yard of finished products; Save masonry labor; Reduce wet operation; The on-site construction progress is accelerated and the construction efficiency is improved.
6. Strong adaptability of gas filling block:
It can be customized according to different local raw materials and conditions. River sand, fly ash, mineral sand and other raw materials can be selected according to local conditions. And can use waste, conducive to environmental protection, and really turn waste into treasure.
It is the six characteristics of the aerated block produced by the aerated block production line that make the aerated block loved by the developers, which makes it quickly popularized and popularized. Our investors in the aerated concrete equipment production line also get their own life gold here. As a manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment for more than 20 years, Bona has a leading technical level in the aerated block production line and other equipment, We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory and buy your own aerated brick equipment!