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Importance of high quality aerator equipment

November 26, 2021
The service life of the equipment is also long, the cutting accuracy is high, the quality and shape of the products are also good, and the scrap rate is correspondingly low, so the price of the equipment is relatively low.
1. High skill content. One of the key technologies of air making agent is to prepare it in proportion to several easily purchased materials to achieve the effect of building bricks in the atmosphere. The participation of two skill enhancers greatly reduces the amount of cement used, reduces the production cost, and allows the inflatable block to reach the strength of the autoclaved inflatable block.
2. Wide sources of raw materials, high profit margin and low cost. Fly ash, slag, sand, aeolian sand, stone powder with low soil content and tailings sand are the main raw materials. On site, the production is high, the cost is low and the profit is large.
3. The requirements for production conditions are not high. The difficult work shed can be used as a factory building, and the project can be stored outdoors. There are no warehouses, guest stores, and the nature of workers is not high.
4. Easy operation. After physical refueling, gas forming agents and reinforcing agents are used to polymerize materials such as cement, fly ash and sand, which can be specially used for special equipment and mold molding without high-pressure sterilization.
5. A wide range of technical applications. The mold can produce hollow blocks, thermal insulation bricks, light wall panels and thermal insulation panels, and can also be used as light concrete for the pouring of roof, wall, wall and floor heating.
6. The investment can be large or small, and the production mode is flexible. It can start with a small amount of mold investment, direct large-scale production or manual production.
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