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Precautions for outdoor production of aerated block equipment

December 03, 2021
If the air block equipment is produced outdoors, it is easy to withstand wind, rain and rust, affecting the service life of the air block equipment. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of the aerated block equipment will contribute to the normal operation of the aerated block equipment.
1. Dust prevention measures. The production process of aerated block is prone to dust, which will not only corrode the surface of aeration equipment, but also expose the surface of aeration equipment in the open environment will also affect the internal performance of the equipment. Therefore, please pay attention to prevent dust.
2. After using for a period of time, please note that the temperature of the air filling block equipment is too high. In case of any abnormality, please contact the manufacturer in time to check whether the nuts and other parts are loose. If it is loose, tighten it immediately. If it is seriously worn, lubricate the main parts regularly, clean the bearing regularly and replace it every two months.
3. Clean the waste. When there is no production task, remove the remaining materials in the gas resistance equipment, especially in the mixer.
4. Prevent rain and snow. Protective measures shall be taken in rainy days. Rainy and snowy weather will affect the operation of equipment and increase the humidity of raw materials. Long term immersion of raw materials in pneumatic block equipment will affect the quality of pneumatic block products. The weather is not conducive to the outdoor maintenance of pneumatic block products. Pay attention to the raw materials.
After production, the equipment shall be covered to prevent rust due to rain. Usually, it shall be covered only with straw mat. It is recommended not to have too many production tasks in winter, and it is not recommended to store raw materials. Maintenance of the gas block equipment block is sufficient.
When building the mortar of the inflatable block equipment, remember to select the special mortar with higher viscosity. The strength of the special mortar shall not be lower than M5, and ensure that the special mortar product has good water retention performance. Of course, if possible, you can choose the mortar for dry powder.
To ensure that there are no cracks between the wall and the main structure due to temperature changes, remember to bury the reinforcement at the connection between the wall and the block. If the height or span of the wall is too large, beams and columns should be built in the middle of the wall.