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Maintenance of raw material processing part of aerating block equipment

November 25, 2021
The aerating block equipment is a complete set of equipment. The device contains more. During use, pay attention to the maintenance of each equipment to ensure the quality of products. If the air filling block equipment is of good quality, it shall be properly maintained.
The first is the maintenance of the raw material processing part of the aerating block equipment, which ensures the accuracy of the metering control system. Specific implementation method: the conventional symmetrical quantity system adopts weight verification to check whether each unloading valve is well sealed. If the height of the unloaded material and the bulk density fluctuate abnormally, it shall be rechecked immediately to ensure that the proportion of aerated concrete is correct. At the same time, keep the control room and each weighing control system clean. Maintenance and maintenance shall be carried out as planned to ensure the accuracy of the metering control system.
2、 Maintenance of the mixer in the pulping process: clean the mixer regularly, replace the worn mixing blades in time after the maintenance of the mixer, ensure the integrity of the mixing paddle and accessories, and ensure the use of the mixing system. Normal to ensure the writing of the whole body.
3、 Regularly check and repair the nursing room before static stay, so that all indicators can meet the pre feeding requirements of aerated concrete, and ensure the smooth progress of subsequent blank cutting and cooking process.
4、 Maintenance of cutting machine: the blank is transported out of the pre protection room. The cutting machine can cut according to the required size. The shape and size of the turnover machine are flexible and diverse, realizing large-scale mechanized production. The running state of cutting machine directly affects the cutting dimensional accuracy and cutting effect. Therefore, the maintenance of cutting device, transmission device, wire positioning device and other equipment should be strengthened to find and correct the defects of the device.
5、 Stability of blank operation process and track maintenance: aerated concrete without high-pressure sterilization has low strength. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the transportation process in order to reduce the damage of the blank structure during transportation. So as to reduce the impact on product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the track in the transportation process is stable and free of sundries, and the lifting equipment and steering equipment can operate smoothly, such as the maintenance and repair of slings, driving wheels, guide wheels and other equipment.
In short, the accuracy of measurement, the uniformity of mixing, the accuracy of cutting size, the stability of carcass operation and the continuity of production process are undoubtedly influential blocks in inflation. Block device. Therefore, the five key aspects of quality, understanding the maintenance of aerator equipment is an important way to improve quality.
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