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The selection method of aerated block equipment motor

November 17, 2021
    As there are more supporting equipments for aerated block equipments, the selection should be in accordance with the criteria.
Choose equipment from regular manufacturers, not only quality assured, good after-sales service, and durable, no obstacles in production, etc..
And the motor as one of the core parts of the aerated block equipment, there must not be any sloppiness in the selection, according to the production power and energy consumption of the equipment to choose.
We'll offer the users some relevant suggestions on the method of selecting the motor, as detailed below.
   1, first of all, according to the production needs, choose different power of the motor, different processes, the power of the motor has the difference, such as ball mill, pouring machine power will have the difference.
   2, prohibit overload operation, keep the circuit stable, the circuit is normal, etc.
   3, all staff according to the aerated block equipment using DC and AC power to choose the motor, the general DC commonly used 110 volts or 220 volts.
   4, buy regular manufacturers of motors, batch number, manufacturer, production date, construction and other strict examination.
   5, do a good job of fire prevention, closure, fire prevention, protection, corrosion prevention, set up special protection devices, etc.
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