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The importance of mold maintenance in the use of aerated block equipment

November 18, 2021
1. In the production process, the cutting trolley shall be used to cut the die box and cut the steel plate. It can't be cut by hand, because the mold lining plate produced by our company is 10 plates.
If cut with a cutting gun, it will be uneven, which will make it difficult to deal with during riveting.
Therefore, it is necessary to cut with a cutting car and mark the next good material in the production process for future welding.
2. During riveting, attention shall be paid to edge pulling to ensure that the mold box is slightly,
and the reinforcement in the mold box shall be supported to prevent deformation.
3. During welding, two times of welding shall be used for welding,
and the welding method shall be relative to the welding method to prevent deformation.
4. It is important that after grinding and polishing, in order to ensure the appearance and quality, it must not be polished flat.
Orderly production to ensure that the mold box is sent to customers thousands of miles away and durable.
The service life of the equipment is also long, the cutting accuracy is high, the quality and shape of the products are also good,
and the scrap rate is correspondingly low, so the price of the equipment is relatively low.
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