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There are three reasons why the hydraulic system is affected by the filling block equipment

November 16, 2021
1. The liquid flow device has no buffer effect when reversing, the liquid flow changes too much after transformation, the reversing of the electromagnetic directional valve is too fast, and the gap between the valve core and the valve core is too large. If the valve body is too large, it will cause hydraulic impact.
2. There is no buffer device at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder or the stroke adjustment is inappropriate, and the piston collides with the cylinder head.
3. The sealing effect of one-way valve of hydraulic cylinder buffer device is poor. For example, the paper pad at the end cover of the inflator is damaged, the gap between the piston and the cylinder hole is too large, the throttle nut is loose or improperly adjusted, and the outside of both ends of the piston. The matching gap between the edge of the end cover and the inner hole is too large, so that the triangular groove has no cushioning effect, etc.
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