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What is the key of aerated brick equipment process?

November 15, 2021
The introduction of aerated brick equipment, aerated brick equipment is also known as aerated concrete equipment or aerated block equipment. Aerated block equipment mainly includes: ball mill, jaw crusher, belt conveyor, mobile mixing and pouring machine, vortex slurry making machine, double hook synchronous traveling crane, single hook traveling crane, spreader, steaming car, mold frame bottom plate, elevator, cutting equipment column support autoclave and other equipment. What are the 3 process keys of aerated block equipment?
Aerated block equipment
One of the keys: pouring and foaming
  Aerated block batching and pouring is the process of mixing and mixing various processed and prepared materials in proportion and then pouring them into the mold to form aerated block blanks after aerated expansion. The purpose of batching and pouring is to produce pores in the slurry and form a billet with pores that meet the requirements. The former is realized by the aerating material in the slurry, and the latter is mainly done by the hydration and condensation of the cementing material of the slurry, which are different in nature and closely related. It can be said that there is no smooth gas generation, there is no good billet body. At the same time, there is no good hydration and condensation of cementitious materials, but also can not achieve a smooth aeration, the same can not get a good billet, and this is determined by the ratio and process conditions in the batching and pouring process, it can be said that it is related to the performance of the billet, and therefore related to the performance of the products produced by the aerated block equipment and the level of product quality.
The second key: static stop maintenance
  Aerated block production process, after the pouring process, the slurry by the gas, thickening, initial set and a series of physical and chemical changes, the formation of the billet, the billet in the temperature conditions, continue to complete its hardening process, has reached the strength required for cutting, this process for the static stop, cutting is an important process of aerated block billet shape processing, is the aerated block equipment in the production of concrete products to achieve almost any The cutting is an important process for processing the shape of the aerated block billet and is necessary for the aerated block plant to achieve almost arbitrary dimensions in the production of concrete. The stopping and cutting of aerated blocks are two inseparable processes in the production process. The quality of stopping is not only related to the realization of the previous process of pouring and forming, but also affects the success or failure of the next process of cutting, and cutting is the inevitable step for the aerated block products to reach the appearance size. The quality of the static stop, which means that the billet is left to harden, affects not only the length of the static stop, thus affecting the normal production capacity of the aerated block equipment and production, but also the production rate and the quality of the finished product.
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The third key: cutting
  Aerated block cutting process is the processing process of the formation of the size of the aerated block products, the size of the finished aerated block can be changed, depending on the adaptability of the cutting process.
  Cutting tools to meet the requirements of.
  1、Flexibility of cutting size
  2, the accuracy of the cutting size
  3, the production capacity of the cutting tool. In addition the cutting tool is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and has other shape processing capabilities for blank colleagues as well as the degree of damage to the blank are also basic requirements.
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