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Want to improve the technical level of production of aerated block equipment?

November 12, 2021
  Various regions for the construction industry's demand soared, directly stimulating the development of the wall material industry, aerated block equipment production line as an emerging wall material production line, has been more influenced by the broader development prospects, relative to other wall material industry, aerated block equipment has its own production advantages. With the enhanced requirements for wall materials, aerated block equipment production line in the production and development process, also experienced technical improvements and production processes to meet the needs of industry development.
  Want to enhance the level of production technology of aerated block equipment, aerated block cutting unit supporting is the key, the good or bad of the aerated block cutting machine is directly related to the finished specification of the aerated block, so the accuracy of the aerated block cutting machine shall also be very high, which is also a strong guarantee for the quality of the aerated block blocks.
  Aerated block equipment cutting machine is mainly used in the cutting section, cutting machine cutting method is divided into horizontal cutting and longitudinal cutting, cutting process, turning spreader to turn the billet with abrasives, the use of aerated block cutting unit to take off the mold frame, after the completion of the demoulding can be horizontal and longitudinal distribution of cutting, the use of such a method is to no longer flip, the greater to avoid secondary pollution, to further ensure the stability of the aerated block specifications.
  Aerated block equipment itself has a fairly high scientific and technological components, but at present, China's aerated block equipment technology is mainly dependent on technology, to build China's aerated block equipment as soon as possible into a construction machinery powerhouse, it is necessary to develop the engineering industry under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, establish a people-oriented concept, the engineering industry into a resource-saving and environment-friendly industries. Diversification of mechanical products is the goal of the future development of non-ferrous metal enterprises, multi-species operation is conducive to calming the danger of industry fluctuations brought about by a single species. Machinery manufacturing industry is the industry of creating and providing machinery products for users, including the development, design, manufacture and production, distribution and after-sales service of machinery products. In the whole manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturing industry occupies an important position. Because the machinery manufacturing industry is the equipment department of the national economy, it supplies and equips various sectors of the national economy with various kinds of machinery and equipment, and makes it develop continuously.
  The application and development of mechanical automation technology is the main means of technological transformation, technological progress and the main direction of technological development of the machinery manufacturing industry, and the development of China's mechanical automation technology, should be realistic, from the specific situation of our country, do a good job of all the basic work, take the road of China's mechanical automation technology development. China's environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction efforts gradually increased, on the one hand, increased the production costs of production enterprises, on the other hand, also urged enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, improve technology and management level. Therefore, to speed up the solution of China's engineering industry, the existence of obsolete equipment, backward technology, high energy and investment consumption, poor labor conditions, serious environmental pollution problems, has become the consensus of the industry's development.
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