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What is the use of autoclave of fly ash aerated block equipment?

October 25, 2021
   Fly ash aerated block equipment autoclave is widely used in other production projects that require pressure autoclave production process. Such as high-strength gypsum, insulation materials, rubber products, high-strength glass, cement pipe piles and wood, medicine, chemical industry, etc. What are the uses of autoclave? The large pressure vessel for steam-raising of aerated concrete, grey sand bricks and coal ash bricks is equipped with perfect interlocking protection device, which largely avoids the hidden danger of misoperation and ensures the operation of the autoclave and the production of the operator .
  The autoclave of fly ash aerated block equipment is a steel horizontal cylinder type device, and the lid of fly ash aerated block equipment is made of pressed 16MnR steel plate. The kettle cover flange and kettle body flange are made of 16Mn whole forging. The kettle door is movable and fast opening structure, which can be opened and closed by hand-operated speed reducer, or can be opened and closed by electric, pneumatic or liquid movement according to users.
  The autoclave of fly ash aerated block equipment is equipped with valves, pressure gauges, temperature measuring elements, steam inlet and outlet valves, sealing ball valves, traps and other necessary valves and instruments, and is equipped with a decontamination tank for users to use as an option. The process of autoclaved silicate building products is to mix lime crushing and grinding with sand or fly ash, digestion and then mixing or wheel grinding, and then made into different specifications of brick billets by the brick press.
  Lime and sand are ground into slurry with water, added with foaming agent, injected into the mold frame, left to foam, and then cut into different sizes of blocks, then porous, light weight aerated blocks can be made. There are two types of kettle door opening, side opening and top opening, for customers to choose. It can better adapt to the thermal expansion and contraction of the kettle body and ensure the normal work and service life of the fly ash aerated block equipment.
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