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How many people are needed to operate the aerated concrete baling line? What are the main advantages?

October 23, 2021
 Aerated concrete packing line can pack the finished aerated concrete block, which can save the labor cost to the greatest extent. The whole production line needs two operations to improve the production efficiency, which greatly improves the automation of aerated concrete production line and saves a lot of cost investment for investors. 
    Previously, aerated concrete out of the kettle are used manually out of the kettle, the efficiency is low, and the effect of packing is not very good. For example, one class needs 3-5 people for packing, now one aerated concrete packing line can complete all the task volume and the packing effect is very good. 
The whole aerated concrete packing line only needs 2 people, 1 person to operate the double-mode jig and 1 person to operate the forklift to load the finished products after packing. The specific operation process is as follows.
    1. The aerated concrete blocks out of the kettle are carried to the conveying table by the double-mode jig. The pallets are placed on the conveying table.
    2. The conveying table groups the aerated concrete blocks according to the size of the pallets, and conveys the pallets and aerated concrete blocks together to the bottom of the baler, then the baler carries out the baling process. Then it is conveyed to the finished product outlet.
    3. Forklift workers load and transport the packed aerated concrete blocks to the car.
For manual handling, the efficiency is very low, we will take the annual output of 150,000 cubic meters of production line to make a demonstration: our production is calculated by 300 days a year, day and night continuous operation (that is, 24 hours a day), so the calculation of a day (24 hours) the output should be 15w cubic meters / 300 days = 500 cubic meters. 1 pallet of 2.3 cubic meters, a day to beat the pallet 217 or so. Using fully automatic packing line, need packing machine 5-6 hours to complete. And the use of manual packing need 3 shifts, each shift of 3-5 people, and the use of machine packing can improve the breakage rate of 2-3% than manual packing. According to the workers' salary and the breakage rate of aerated concrete, the advantages of using packing line for aerated concrete kettle out is more than the disadvantages.