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What are the factors that affect the autoclaved aerated block equipment?

December 12, 2022

Autoclaved Aerated concrete blocks equipment has become one of the indispensable equipment in the construction industry, and the quality of the blocks produced by this equipment has also attracted much attention. Aerated concrete block equipment has many characteristics, such as: heat insulation, earthquake resistance, impermeability, waterproof and so on. However, the strength of the block itself cannot be ignored. In general, the factors that affect the strength of blocks are as follows, and we will analyze them for us today.

 1. Ratio of raw materials. When the ratio of raw materials is carried out in the aerated block equipment, the factors affecting the strength of the block are mainly reflected in the proportion of water and ash. Usually, the strength of air-entrained concrete blocks is inversely proportional to the proportion of water-cement.

 2,Maintenance. After the aerated concrete block has been produced through an accurate process, maintenance is required to maintain its strength. It must be operated in strict accordance with the maintenance principles, and the moisture or water retention maintenance should be carried out according to different situations.

 3, Construction method. The construction methods include mixing, transportation, pouring, etc. All links in the construction should be strictly followed the rules to avoid affecting the strength change of the aerated concrete block due to details.