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How to determine the model and price of the autoclave?

December 12, 2022

Autoclave, is a kind of bulky, large pressurized vessel that weight is heavier. How is the autoclave model and price determined?

First of all, it is used to put forward the basic design requirements, the engineer inspects the site, analyzes the working conditions and environmental requirements of the container, and determines the design parameters and dimensions.

Secondly, on-site selection of materials according to customer needs ensures quality and reassures customers.

Third, choose the appropriate specification, follow certain standards, stress analysis and strength calculation.

Fourth, draw drawings, provide design calculations and other technical documents, and start production.

 The price of an autoclave is around hundreds of thousands, because its working environment has relatively high quality requirements, and safety is a requirement. Secondly, the price is determined by the length and weight of the autoclave. The longer the length, the heavier the tonnage and the higher the price.