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Causes and treatment methods of cracks in the side plate of aerated concrete block equipment

December 08, 2022

Operators are also very important in the use of aerated concrete block equipment. Although the operation of aerated concrete block equipment in production is very simple, there will still be abnormal phenomena, which require operators to pay attention at all times. For example, a crack on the side plate is a small abnormal phenomenon, so today I will introduce the cause of this phenomenon and the treatment method, hoping to help you in future production.

Reasons for cracks:

1. The green body falls too hard.

2. The water-to-material ratio is low, and the green body is not elastic enough.

3. The fly ash (sand) is too fine, and the early strength of the body cannot keep up.

4. The bulk density of the green body is too large.


1. The green body must stop at 10 cm from the cutting table, and then slowly fall down.

2. (1) Reduce the specific gravity of the slurry (2) Increase the amount of slurry (3) Reduce the amount of lime

3. (1) Improve the cutting hardness (2) Increase the sieve allowance of fly ash

4. (1) Control the capacity (2) Use additives to improve the cutting strength of the green body.