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Performance characteristics of aerated block equipment

December 08, 2022

Main Performance characteristics of aerated block equipment are as belowed:

1.The aerated block equipment has good flexibility: the aerated brick mainly adopts a more flexible foaming method. In addition to foaming with a foaming agent, as long as the purpose of the pores can be achieved, the foaming method can be arbitrary. one grid;

2.the density of aerated bricks is good: according to relevant investigations, the density of aerated blocks currently on the market is above 500kg/m3, and the density of concrete blocks for lightweight bricks can also be below 500kg;

3. the aerated brick mainly adopts the automatic cutting process to increase the types of sizes; the cutting process of the aerated brick is one of the more important stages, and it can be selectively selected according to the needs of the wall masonry. cutting. It also improves product variety, flexibility, wide application, etc.;

4. The diversification of aerated brick equipment raw materials in the maintenance process: aerated blocks are mainly due to the variety of products produced, so the diversity of oxidation processes required, how to palletize the blocks produced by the aerated block equipment production line According to different materials, adopt high temperature autoclave curing