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How to increase the annual production capacity of aerated concrete block production line?

December 08, 2022

Since the production line of aerated concrete block equipment is relatively large and the equipment process is complex, more equipment is required to provide technical support, so the initial investment funds are more required. Many investors invest in small-scale first, and wait until the market is opened and the business is proficient. Expanding the production scale is an investment route taken by more than 90% of the buyers of aerated block equipment. So if you want to expand the production scale of aerated concrete blocks in the later stage, what measures should you take?

1.Increase raw material processing equipment, expand raw material processing capacity, and supply a large amount of raw materials for pouring and mixing.

2. Adjust the mixing ratio of raw materials to increase the reaction speed and shorten the reaction time.

3. The general small-scale aerated concrete production line adopts the mobile pouring process. If the production line with an annual output of more than 50,000 cubic meters needs to adopt the fixed pouring process, it can effectively shorten the time for the pouring machine to move back and forth.

4.The number of autoclaved molds, mold bottom plates, and steam-cured vehicles can undertake the working mode of the aerated concrete assembly line, and speed up the speed of pouring, cutting, and steam-curing exchanges.

5. If you want to increase the annual production capacity, you must increase the number of autoclaves and the heat supply of the boiler to ensure that more aerated concrete blocks can be produced in the same period of time.

6.Strengthen personnel training, improve the quality of technical personnel, and improve the proficiency of process operation;