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The Aac blocks production line equipment needs regular maintenance

November 23, 2022

We know that the raw material processing of autoclaved aerated block equipment is the first process and a crucial step for the entire aerated block equipment production line to be carried out normally. The main equipment in the raw material processing stage includes crushers, ball mills, bucket elevators, vibrating feeders, silos and other equipment. These equipments need to be regularly cleaned of impurities to prevent rust and work failures. The most vulnerable parts of these devices should be replaced and oiled regularly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

 In the autoclaved aerated concrete block equipment, driving and track maintenance also need attention. The strength of the aerated concrete body that has just undergone static stop pre-curing and has not been autoclaved is low. In order to reduce the damage to the structure of the body during transportation to a certain extent, it is necessary to ensure smooth operation during the production process. The qualification rate of air-entrained concrete also determines the level of the entire production efficiency. Whether the track is stable or not, and the running speed of the vehicle all determine the working efficiency of the entire production line, so it must be kept fresh.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the cutting machine in the autoclaved aerated concrete block equipment. The core equipment of the Aac block production line is the Aac block cutting machine. The fully automatic aerated concrete block cutting machine ensures product production efficiency and product qualification rate. At the same time, it also ensures that the shape and size of the aerated concrete blocks are more accurate.