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How to Maintenance the Overturning Spreader of Aac Blocks Equipment

November 24, 2022

During the use of the overturning sling of the Aac blocks equipment, sometimes there will be problems such as inflexible rotation of the twist lock or not in place, we must deal with it in time, and at the same time do a good job of regular maintenance. The following is for you in detail Let me introduce his maintenance method.

1. Whether the transmission mechanism is stuck, if it is stuck, it is poor lubrication, and lubricating oil (or grease) should be added to the movable connection of the transmission mechanism. If the guide pin is too tight, loosen the nut appropriately. If the connection is loose, the transmission pipe or other rods are deformed, it should be corrected.

2. For the steel wire rope on the overturning spreader, it should be cleaned and coated with lubricating oil or grease in time, especially the bend of the steel wire rope.

3. During use, prevent the indicator paint on the indicator plate of the flip sling from falling off. Once found, it is necessary to replenish the paint with the original instruction mark in time.

4. The overturning spreader must not exceed the rated lifting capacity. (Aac blocks equipment)

5. All the oil cups, including the ratchet mechanism oil cup, the oil cup on the sliding bearing seat and the oil cup of the twist lock box, should be filled with lubricating oil in time according to the usage conditions.

6. During the hoisting operation of the overturning spreader, it should be hoisted smoothly to avoid deformation due to mutual collision between the spreader and other equipment.

7. For the main stress-bearing components, suspension rings, twistlocks, ear plates and rigging shackles, under normal use conditions, they should be inspected at least once every 3 months, and there must be no cracks or serious deformation.

The above is the maintenance of the overturning spreader of the aerated block equipment, and I hope to provide help for everyone!