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How to better store the raw materials of the Aac blocks equipment?

November 23, 2022

How to better store the raw materials of the Aac blocks production lineequipment? Today, the expert of the Aac blocks equipment manufacturer will come to give advice!

 1. The raw materials of the Aac blocks equipment are transported into the warehouse of the factory by trucks, and the fly ash is transported in the raw material yard and collected, and loaded into the hopper when used; In terms of processing, the fly ash is given to the warehouse by electromagnetic vibration The feeder is sent to the ball mill for fine grinding, which is provided by Xingxing. After grinding, it is transported to the slurry tank with special fly ash loading equipment for storage, so that the concrete aeration equipment can be better used;

 2. Bagged cement and bulk cement need to be stored in the cement warehouse, and also loaded into the hopper at the same time when used, and the cement and fly ash must be configured to a certain extent;

 3. The chemicals needed in the Aac blocks equipment should be separated from other raw materials, put into the chemical warehouse, and shipped to the designated production workshop when they are used. The chemicals in the air-entrained concrete should be made into a solution with a specific qualified concentration according to a certain ratio, and sent to the storage tank for storage.