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Influence of upstream and downstream industries on aerated concrete equipment

October 19, 2021
To understand the impact of the aerated concrete equipment industry from upstream and downstream, firstly we need to understand what are the upstream industries of the industry, and what are the downstream industries of the industry, from the analysis of the upstream and downstream industries to understand the prospects for the development of the industry.
  The downstream industry of aerated concrete equipment industry mainly refers to projects that can make use of aerated concrete, which accounts for the largest proportion is the real estate project, since the reform and opening up, we will find more high-rise buildings here. In the construction of high-rise buildings, building materials with light weight and thermal insulation are needed, and aerated concrete with a thickness of 4cm can achieve the thermal insulation effect of 240cm clay bricks, with obvious thermal insulation performance, while the bulk weight is generally 400kg/m3-700kg/m3, which is equivalent to 1/3 of hollow clay bricks, 1/5 of solid clay bricks, 1/4 of concrete, and lower than the general light aggregate concrete. It is also lower than the weight of general light-aggregate concrete, and it is easy to construct and can help builders save construction cost, so naturally it is widely used in real estate projects. Nowadays, most of the floors are frame structures, and aerated concrete is also an ideal material for renovation of houses. Its upstream industries are mainly the steel industry, parts suppliers and other basic industries. The upstream industry, especially the steel industry, has a large impact on it. The amount of steel used in a set of equipment is huge, and the price of steel directly affects the manufacturing cost to a certain extent.
  The upstream industry directly affects the manufacturing cost of aerated concrete equipment industry, especially in the past two years, the steel market fluctuations are more violent, which has caused a certain impact on the development of the industry, but the biggest impact is still the downstream real estate industry. The real estate industry directly affects the investment in the construction of aerated concrete plants, if the market demand slows down, the project investment fever will also be reduced, which will naturally affect the development of the manufacturing industry. The understanding of the upstream industry will be beneficial to the development of manufacturing enterprises.
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