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The strength of aerated brick produced by aerated concrete block equipment is affected by the raw materials of aerated brick

October 18, 2021
1. Cement. The main inspection indexes of cement are as follows: stability, fineness, standard consistency, water consumption, setting time, flexural strength and compressive strength. The strength of aerated brick depends on its components: the comprehensive effect of hardened cement paste, interface transition zone and aggregate strength, and the cement strength is closely related to the strength of aerated brick equipment block, The factors affecting the cement strength also affect the strength of aerated brick blocks.
2. Fine aggregate. Fine aggregate has a great impact on the strength of aerated brick mainly due to the fineness modulus and mud content. The finer the sand is, the more unfavorable it is to the strength of aerated brick. The increase of mud content not only affects the strength of aerated brick, but also adversely affects the frost resistance and other characteristics of aerated brick.
3. Coarse aggregate. The main factors affecting the strength of aerated brick equipment block by coarse aggregate include orthopedic strength, mineral composition, large particle size and so on. Because the strength of aggregate is much higher than that of cement slurry matrix and interface transition zone, the strength of aggregate has not been fully utilized. Only when the strength of cement slurry matrix and transition zone is higher than or close to the strength of aggregate, it is necessary to seriously consider the strength of aggregate. Secondly, the different composition of aggregate minerals will also affect the strength of aerated brick blocks. The increase of the needle and flake content of the aggregate will have a great adverse impact on the aerated brick block, because the needle and flake orthopedics has large surface area and large internal friction. When the content increases, it will increase the surface area and porosity of the coarse aggregate, reduce the fluidity of the aerated brick mixture, and aggravate the phenomenon of dew stone and segregation. Needle flake particles will not only affect the workability, cement dosage and strength of aerated brick block, but also affect its durability. How to place the embryo in the mold of aerated concrete production line will deteriorate the performance of aerated brick block, increase the porosity of aggregate and increase the unit water consumption and deformation.
The price of non fired brick machine is not important. The price of non fired brick machine is not the standard for selecting equipment. As customers who buy brick machine equipment now, they always put the purchase standard on the price when buying hydraulic brick machine. If the price is cheap, they have a strong desire to buy. If the price is high, they will directly dispel their desire, I don't consider the quality and performance of the equipment at all. I'm only interested in the price of the equipment. As a manufacturer, I'm also very confused. It's incorrect to think so. In terms of considering the price of brick machines without considering other aspects, this view should be improved. As customers, they should pay more attention to the overall performance of the equipment, whether they can produce normally and whether they can keep up with the output demand. As every manufacturer, they will encounter the problem of bargaining when customers buy equipment, This problem is very common in the market. There is no standard for the sales of brick machinery equipment in the market, and the equipment price fluctuates. The user can communicate with the seller, try to talk about the price that can be agreed by both sides, and ensure that the manufacturer has income, so that the agreement can be reached between the two sides. Especially with the rapid development of brick machinery and equipment, the scope of use of non fired brick is becoming larger and larger. It can be said that its application has been extended to every corner of people's life from now on, The appearance of colored bricks has changed people's life. The pavement is not only bright in color, but also can quickly absorb the ponding on the pavement. No matter how large or heavy vehicles roll, they will not deform the highway. According to the relevant departments, this kind of polymer permeable pavement that can also reduce noise will become a wide range of bricks to be promoted nationwide in the future. This new type of brick will also break the original black-and-white pattern of traditional black-and-white roads. With new changes, it can also brighten people's eyes, have a refreshing feeling, and instantly make people feel happy.