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What details should we pay attention to when using the AAC block?

September 21, 2021
What details should we pay attention to when using the AAC block?
The following requirements must be followed when using the AAC block products, otherwise errors may occur.
The detailed requirements are as follows:
First, when building with the AAC block, please remember to follow the relevant national standards and strictly follow the relevant national regulations. In addition, remember to reasonably arrange the construction period of the building aerated block equipment. You must not rush the work blindly in pursuit of progress. If possible, you should try to avoid the rainy season.
Second, when masonry the mortar, you must remember to select the special mortar with good viscosity. The strength of the special mortar must not be lower than M5, and also ensure that this special mortar product has good water retention performance. Of course, if possible, you can choose the special mortar for dry powder.
Third, in order to ensure that there will be no cracks between the wall and the main structure due to temperature changes, remember to bury reinforcement at the junction of the wall and the block.
Fourth, if the height of the wall is too large or the span is too large, beams and columns should be built in the middle of the wall. Fifth, the junction between the window front and the windowsill should also be paid attention to, because this junction is the part with the most concentrated stress, which is easy to produce cracks. Therefore, the Xiaobian suggests that you should build some concrete on the windowsill to prevent deformation.
Sixth, the AAC block added with concrete cannot be built together because of different density and strength grade. In addition, pay attention to the moisture content during masonry.
Seventh, after the wall is built, we must remember to do a good job of rain and sun protection. The above is the knowledge of aerating block equipment introduced by Xiaobian. After reading it, you should know something about aerating block equipment.
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