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It is unnecessary waste to replace the lubricant of aerated brick equipment in advance

November 23, 2021
In order to maintain a stable boundary film on each friction surface, more lubricant is required. Therefore, with the extension of the service time of aerated brick equipment, the lubrication cycle is shortened accordingly. In addition, considering the changes of machine service conditions, such as excessive operating temperature, this will lead to lubricant loss.
The replacement cycle required to replace the lubricant of the aerated brick equipment. Early replacement is an unnecessary waste. Later changes will affect the operation of the machine, increase wear and shorten service life. Generally, you can follow the instructions in the equipment manual. However, sometimes different types of lubricants are changed according to climate change (e.g. winter and summer); The oil quality can also be determined by regularly checking the oil quality. Only storing the lubricating medium before use can ensure that the inflatable block device is well lubricated.
Therefore, the lubricating medium shall be properly stored before use, and attention shall be paid to prevent oxidation; Prevent water and other lime sand, rust and dirt from entering; Pay attention to the shelf life. The oxidative degradation of lubricating oil is also closely related to storage conditions. Therefore, under normal circumstances, lubricating oil should be stored indoors in a cool and dry place, and the bottle mouth should be sealed. It should also be noted that during storage, it is strictly prohibited to store lubricating media in wooden or paper containers.
Next, enter the reversing block of the aerated brick equipment. Rotate the mold 90 degrees in air. This process is fully automated and needs our assistance. One side of the die becomes the base plate supporting the blank, which is only used to evaporate the finished product. Hanging trolley or cutting support to complete mold opening and demoulding. The removed mold frame and the returned aerobic side plate are reassembled into the mold again. After cleaning, inject oil and repeat two steps of pouring. Then cut the blank into six sides with a cutting machine.
We do vertical cutting, longitudinal cutting, horizontal cutting, horizontal cutting and side cutting. After cutting, use the mobile machine and floor to move the blank to the steam cart. It is then added to the autoclave. The steam is heated in an autoclave and can be discharged after the steam is discharged. At this time, it has become a finished product. These finished products can be carefully stacked in shackles, or installed, packaged and transported away, and then the steam side plate can be folded back to complete all the work of the whole aerated brick equipment.
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