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Control method of water consumption in the production of Aac block production equipment

December 06, 2022

Aac block production line represent a production technology. As an important part of wall material innovation and building energy saving, aerated concrete block is an ideal wall material that has been proven to replace clay bricks after years of application. It has strong competition among various wall materials. force.

Whether the amount of water added in the production of air-entrained concrete equipment is accurate or not directly affects the strength, impermeability and frost resistance of concrete. The use of water in the production of aerated brick equipment requires the raw materials to be stirred evenly and has the effect of dilution. Therefore, to prepare high-quality raw materials, the proportion of water added must be cautious. We have summarized two design methods: one is to control in the mixer, and the other is to control under the sand bin. Put it in the mixer for control, mainly to ensure the water-cement ratio and concrete dry hardness, and put it in the feed port under the sand bin for control, not only to ensure the water-cement ratio and concrete dry hardness, but also to ensure accurate raw material mix ratio and sand rate. It can be seen that it would be better to use the amount of concrete water added under the control of the sand bin in the automated production line.