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Precautions for operation of aerated block equipment

December 06, 2022

No matter what kind of work you are doing, safety is the first priority, and so is the production of aerated blocks. As a large-scale production machine, the aerated block equipment has high power and complicated production process, which requires operators to pay more attention to safe production.

1. A large amount of dust is likely to be generated during the crushing and ball milling stages of quicklime. In addition to installing dust removal equipment, workers must also be provided with dust covers and dust caps. Otherwise, direct contact with dust for a long time will affect their health.

2. The autoclave needs to provide a high-temperature and high-pressure environment, and the risk factor is relatively large. It is necessary to formulate strict operating specifications and safety precautions. Secondly, the autoclave needs to be inspected regularly. If any problem is found, the production must be stopped for maintenance immediately. Only after passing the test be usable.

3. In terms of safe operation of machinery, protective covers must be installed on the transmission part, and railings, handrails, and lighting should be installed on the stairs of each workshop to ensure safety.

4. Special warehouses should be set up for storage of flammable and explosive materials, equipped with special fire-fighting devices, and special personnel should be responsible.

5. Strengthen the safety management of power supply equipment and equip with insulation equipment and tools.

6. Safety officers are set up in each workshop.