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The application and maintance of the steaming cart

December 01, 2022

1. Overview of the steaming cart

The steam cart, also known as the steam trolley, is a special transport vehicle in the production process of aerated concrete. It adapts to the high temperature and high pressure steam curing environment in the autoclave during the production process. It does not get stuck and does not change shape. It is a product. It is widely used in autoclaved brick production line and aerated concrete block production line.

The steaming vehicles are arranged in sequence on the rails of the autoclave, and the semi-finished products are loaded and cut by the hoist. Autoclaved curing. When the kettle is out, the trolley group is pulled to the finished product yard, the finished product is unloaded, and the trolley returns to the kettle entry track for the next round of work.


2.The application and maintenance of the steaming cart

1. After the trolley arrives at the factory, the empty trolley will be marshalled on the track for trial operation first, and the operation is required to be stable.

 2. The bearing is cleaned and oiled every two months, and the lubricating grease is No. 1 colloidal graphite grease.

 3. If the user needs a trolley with special specifications, please specify when ordering.

 The steam cart is the main supporting equipment in the production of aerated concrete. The cut body is hoisted together with the bottom plate onto the steam curing cart. The trolley carries the bottom plate together with the body, marshals into the autoclave for steam curing.