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What are the main features of the flip cutting machine?

December 01, 2022

Main features of the flip cutting machine:

(1) The model structure is simple and practical, easy to install and maintain;

(2) The green body is placed sideways so that the width of the green body is 600mm, the height is 1200mm, the cutting wire is short, it is not easy to break or drift, and the cutting accuracy is high;

⑶. The longitudinal cutting device is fixed, and the cutting trolley moves to complete the longitudinal cutting, and the cutting time is short. The cross-cutting device adopts steel wire to cut horizontally, which shortens the length of the cutting wire and ensures the cutting accuracy;

⑷. After the billet stands on its side, it can complete the milling groove when cutting longitudinally, and no additional groove processing equipment is required;

. The aerated concrete cutting machine makes six-sided cutting on the green body, and the product quality is not affected by mold oil and mold deformation;

⑹. In addition to producing blocks, the aerated concrete flip cutting machine can also produce planels;

. The cutting process (turning, slitting, cross-cutting) of the model is completed in different stations, the work of each station is simplified, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.