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The cutting unit in the Aac production line

December 01, 2022

The aerated concrete cutting unit is the main cutting equipment in the aerated concrete block production line. The aerated concrete cutting machine must be equipped with an annual output of more than 50,000 cubic meters in the production of aerated concrete block equipment. It is also an indispensable core equipment for increasing production. , After the air-entrained concrete is poured and gassed, it forms a green body. Due to the large volume of the green body, it must be cut to achieve the required size of the aerated concrete product.

Flip cutting machine (step-by-step mobile cutting machine) introduction:

 The working process of flipping cutting machine: Turn the mold and the green body over 90 degrees in the air and place them on the cutting trolley with the flip sling, remove the mold and leave the green body and side plates on the cutting trolley, the cutting trolley is powered by the motor, with the slitting device to complete longitudinal cutting, slot milling, and horizontal cutting; the cutting trolley continues to walk to the center of the cross-cutting device and stops, the cross-cutting device starts, and the cross-cutting frame cuts vertically from top to bottom to complete the horizontal cutting; the cutting trolley then walks to the marshalling spreader The body (with side panels) is hoisted to the steam curing trolley by the marshalling sling, and the cutting trolley returns to the original position for the next cutting cycle.