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AAC Block Production Line Batching, Pouring Section

November 29, 2022

AAC Block Production Line Batching, Pouring Section

When batching for autoclaved aerated concrete, to ensure that the strength of AAC block or panel conforms to the requirements for a designed formula, the dosage of lime, slurry and aluminum powder for each mold needs to be precisely weighed.

SANKON offers complete equipment sets for batching & pouring sections. With these equipment sets, conveying, weighing, stirring and pouring will be automatically completed in the production line. Only one worker is needed for the whole batching & pouring section, leading to a low labor cost.

The pouring mixer is mainly composed of the shell, stirrer, temperature control, control system and valve. Pouring mixers are widely used for blending and pouring each type of materials and water. This pouring mixer works quickly: the mixing and pouring process is complete in 5 minutes, in which the mixing process costs less than 4 minutes and the pouring process costs less than 1 minute.

Screw feeders are widely used for conveying powder materials and granular materials. Screw feeders are also used to convey lime and the materials in cement storage tank to the corresponding weighing scale, as well as convey the materials to the mixer for mixing after weighing is complete. A screw feeder is considered a modular product whose length and angle are adjustable.

Aluminum powder mixers are used to mix aluminum powder and water for desired concentration liquid. Aluminum powder mixers are primarily composed of the mixer shell, stirring shaft, and motor. The mixer shell is produced by curling of the steel plate. The stirring shaft is composed of the belt pulley, bearing block and stirrer.

The weighing scale includes the tank, sensor, data processer and displayer, material discharge control valve and structural parts. When the powder or slurry is poured into the tank, an electronic sensor will retrieve the powder weight or slurry weight and send the data to the displayer for observation. Powder weighing scales are used for weighing powder materials like lime, cement, and more.

The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation driven by the new-type vibration motor makes the external vibrator vibrate at high frequency to eliminate the friction between materials and the tank wall, so that the materials can be discharged from the storage tank smoothly.