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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Crushing System

November 29, 2022

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Crushing System

The fineness, concentration and uniformity of raw materials will directly affect the strength and quality of your AAC blocks. Therefore, this requires higher efficiency for the crusher, ball mill and mixer.

Bona can offer main equipment in this raw material preparation section for clients, including crusher and ball mill for grinding the raw materials, bucket elevator and sludge pump for conveying the raw materials, mixer for mixing the slurry and dust collector for maintaining a safe environment in the raw material preparation section.

The rock crusher is mainly used to crush lime in the AAC production line.Lump lime is crushed preliminarily by the jaw crusher, and then grinded by the dry ball mill into powder.For those countries or regions with high quality lime, jaw crusher can be used to grind fly ash for reducing raw material costs.

There are two types of ball grinding mill in the AAC production line: dry ball mill and wet ball mill. A ball mill is widely used for material preparation section in AAC production lines.After preliminary crushing, lime is further grinded by the ball mill to meet fineness requirements.The wet ball mill is mainly used for grinding the sand to meet fineness requirements.

The bucket elevator is mainly used for conveying cement and lime. When the materials are conveyed into the inlet chute at the bottom of the bucket elevator, after materials loaded into the bucket as the bucket moves past the inlet chute, the bucket would be elevated to the discharge chute drove by the chain and discharge the materials from the discharge chute by the force of gravity and centrifugal force.

The dust collector is mainly used for collecting the dust on the roof of compartments and ventilation in AAC production lines. The cylindrical main frame is connected by flange. The dust collector is equipped with multiple combinations of different type of filters and filter elements, as well as independent integrated pneumatic cleaning system. By this means, the module system can achieve high security.