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Bona Enterprise participated in the 3rd China new wall equipment exhibition

May 18, 2019

China's third new wall material equipment exhibition was held in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hebei from March 30th to April 1st. Zhengzhou Bona Enterprise and JYM series pressing type automatic hydraulic brick machine were invited to participate.

The two-hole small block that is the focus of attention is a new product introduced by our company to the exhibition. It has been industrialized and applied in Suzhou, Anhui Province. The small block is made of fly ash, with a size of 240×195×115mm and a forming height of 240mm. It is the highest level in China and is mainly used to replace the aerated block and fill the high-rise building. Compared with the aerated block, the autoclaved hollow block has the advantages of high density, good heat preservation effect and small shrinkage. Preventing the wall cracking caused by the shrinkage deformation of the gas-filling block, the wall expansion screw can not be bitten, etc., and because of its own hollow insulation effect, the heat preservation effect is greatly improved compared with the aerated filling wall, and the aerated wall is saved. The separate insulation layer of the body greatly reduces the cost of high-rise buildings.

Zhenga Bona Enterprise company Co,ltd has always been committed to the research and development and production of new wall materials equipment, providing high quality, stable and efficient automatic new wall materials equipment for the wall material industry with continuous innovation, lean production and efficient service.