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What are the great advantages of JYM series automatic hydraulic equipment?

May 18, 2019

JYM series automatic hydraulic (new building materials) forming units mainly include: automatic hydraulic forming machine, hydraulic power system, electrical control system, automatic code blank system. The equipment uses fly ash, calcium carbide mud, desulfurization ash, tailings sand, slag, slag, stone waste, coal gangue, phosphogypsum, iron ore, steel slag, gold tailings, smelting slag, ceramic polishing mud, construction waste, etc. Solid waste is used as raw material. After being crushed, proportioned, mixed and stirred, digested and refined, it is then pressed into a fully automatic hydraulic forming equipment to be compacted, and then cured by high-pressure steam to form a new type of autoclaved building material to realize the application of solid waste building materials. .

The equipment advantages are as follows:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving

The equipment uses industrial solid waste as raw material, and is pressed into a new building material that can replace clay bricks, saving land and consuming solid waste. The power source of the product adopts German imported variable pump, which has low energy consumption and low noise. Environmental protection is an important issue in the infrastructure construction of “One Belt and One Road”. JYM series automatic hydraulic forming equipment actively promotes the application of building materials for local solid waste with the great advantages of environmental protection and energy saving.

2. High degree of automation

The equipment adopts Siemens S7-300 PLC (Logical Programmable Controller), and through the software programming, the hydraulic forming main machine, the code blank machine, the pusher and other equipments form a fully automatic production line. The DCS control system of our company's independent research and development line can realize automatic control from raw material crushing, mixing and mixing to finished product packaging. It can be continuously and stably operated in 24 hours. The working hours adopt three shifts, and only 4-6 workers are required for each shift. People, significantly reducing labor costs.

3. Safe and stable, continuous and reliable

The mechanical structure of the equipment is stable and the layout design is reasonable. The core components adopt the international first-line brands such as Siemens, Rexroth, Schneider and SEW to ensure safety, stability, continuity and reliability.

4. High efficiency, large output

Taking the JYM-1280 automatic hydroforming equipment sold by the company to Dangyang, Hubei as an example, the designed annual output is 60 million pieces (standard bricks). After actual statistics, the equipment is put into operation and only 6 months is produced. Ten thousand pieces have exceeded the design goal, and have been safely and stably operated for 4 years, and the customers are very satisfied. “One Belt and One Road” is a strategic large-scale regional investment construction, with solid waste discharge and high demand for building materials. The construction of solid waste building materials application line with JYM series automatic hydroforming equipment can meet the “One Belt and One Road” infrastructure. The need to build a large amount of building materials.

5. Powerful, multi-purpose machine

The equipment adopts the structure of pressing from bottom to top. One equipment can be used to produce standard bricks, perforated bricks, hollow bricks, small blocks, pavement bricks, refractory bricks and other bricks of different specifications, so that one machine can be used. . At the same time, the equipment is equipped with a quick mold changing device. Only one worker can complete the mold replacement within one hour. According to the needs of users and the market, one device can quickly produce different brick types with strong functions and high efficiency. JYM series automatic hydroforming equipment can meet the needs of different building materials in different regions such as Central Asia, Russia, West Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East covered by the “Belt and Road”.

6. The raw material adaptability

The raw materials used in the JYM series of automatic hydroforming equipment can be customized according to the local solid waste discharge types in the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and can be customized according to the emission size, processing priority, and targeted Handling solid waste that is heavily polluted by the environment.