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Good characteristics and development potential of aerated concrete block

October 14, 2021
After liberation, China began to pay attention to the research and production of aerated concrete. By 1965, China established its first aerated concrete plant. Since then, China has entered the era of aerated concrete industrial production. Aerated concrete equipment products have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, energy saving, soil saving, thermal insulation, waste utilization, fire prevention, superior economic indicators and easy processing. They can be widely used in industrial plants and civil buildings as load-bearing materials such as walls, floors and roof panels, non load-bearing materials or enclosure filling materials.
  1. Light weight. The unit weight of aerated concrete is generally 400 ~ 700kg / m3, equivalent to 1 / 3 of clay brick and 1 / 5 of ordinary brick, which is also lower than that of ordinary lightweight aggregate concrete. Therefore, the use of aerated concrete as wall material can not only greatly reduce the self weight of buildings, but also save building materials and engineering costs.
  2. Good thermal insulation performance. Aerated concrete contains a large number of bubbles and micropores, so it has good thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of aerated concrete with unit weight of 400 ~ 700kg / m3 is usually 0.09 ~ 0.17w / (m.k), and the thermal insulation capacity is 3 ~ 4 times that of clay brick and 4 ~ 8 times that of ordinary concrete.
  3. Machinability. Aerated concrete can not only produce a variety of specifications in the factory, but also saw, planed, drilled and nailed like wood. Therefore, it is very convenient to process according to the user's requirements and specifications in the manufacturer or reprocess according to the actual needs at the use site.
  4. Wide sources of raw materials, high production efficiency and low production energy consumption. Aerated concrete equipment blocks can be produced with a variety of raw materials such as fly ash, slag, coal gangue, sand, cement, quicklime and so on. Generally speaking, the production efficiency of aerated concrete equipment products factory is relatively high. Aerated concrete consumes less energy, and its production energy consumption per unit product is only 11% of that of clay brick with the same volume, which is also relatively low compared with other traditional building materials.
  in recent years, the contradiction of energy supply around the world has become increasingly prominent. Energy conservation has become a major issue, and China is no exception. According to relevant calculations, the external wall accounts for about 24% of the dissipation and consumption of heat energy in various parts of the building. In order to reduce the heat loss of the wall, we must use building materials with good thermal insulation performance. In this regard, aerated concrete equipment blocks highlight their excellent thermal insulation performance and will play an important role.
  aerated concrete equipment block is widely valued by the construction industry all over the world, and has become a new kind of building materials vigorously promoted and developed by many countries. After China implements the national policy of wall material reform and sustainable development of energy conservation, because aerated concrete block has the unique advantages of integrating new wall materials and thermal insulation materials, aerated concrete block will be further developed and developed in China, and is developing towards large-scale and high technology.
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