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Annual treatment capacity of fly ash by aerated block equipment

September 25, 2021
The aerated block equipment uses industrial wastes such as fly ash to produce concrete thermal insulation blocks, which can not only control pollution, save sewage funds, protect environment and cultivated land, but also reuse industrial wastes such as fly ash as resources, creating very considerable economic benefits for enterprises. Based on the annual output of 20000 cubic meters of foamed concrete blocks, 15000 tons of fly ash can be treated every year, saving 750000 yuan of sewage discharge funds for the power plant and creating 3 million yuan of economic benefits; Compared with the same amount of solid clay brick, it can save more than 3800 tons of standard coal and protect more than 100 mu of cultivated land. Obviously, if the aerated block equipment is used to produce concrete blocks, the social benefits will be huge, which will far exceed the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Concrete block is a new building energy-saving and thermal insulation technology, which has many excellent characteristics:
1. Low thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient, light body, high strength, fire prevention, acid and alkali resistance, sound insulation, environmental protection and simple construction. It is an ideal product to replace the traditional external wall insulation and aerated concrete blocks. However, the equipment investment is only one tenth of the traditional steam curing aerated concrete project.
2. The product uses fly ash, fine river sand and cement as raw materials, adds foaming agent, activator, inorganic composite minerals and other raw materials, modifies the materials through scientific formula, increases hardness and reduces water absorption, and produces high-quality lightweight thermal insulation material block products, which can not only meet thermal insulation and energy saving, but also have certain strength, The excellent thermal insulation effect will be integrated into the wall while building the wall, which meets the requirements of energy conservation and thermal insulation advocated by the state.
3. During the research and development of this product, our company successively applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for five inventions to realize the enterprise's protection of independent intellectual property rights. The products have been tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Center and the testing station of Henan Academy of Building Sciences.
4. The products have been put into operation in Henan, Shanxi and Mongolia, and have achieved good economic benefits.
Resources and environment are increasingly becoming the primary issue of human survival and sustainable development. China's per capita resource shortage, low level of resource development and utilization, serious pollution to the environment, and facing greater pressure on resources and environment than other countries. It is a long-term strategic policy for China's sustainable economic development to improve the utilization rate of resources, develop new technologies for resource utilization and realize an environmentally friendly model.
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