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Maintenance of aerated autoclave concrete equipment

September 16, 2021
The numerous performance advantages of the aerating block equipment drive the industry to be active in various fields. While continuously strengthening the process innovation of the equipment, the maintenance of the equipment can not be ignored. Improve the manufacturing level of aerating block equipment and greatly improve its product quality.
(1) Accuracy and verification of measurement: the regular symmetrical measurement system shall be verified with weights to check whether each blanking valve is sealed without defect. In case of abnormal shaking of blanking height and unit weight, it shall be rechecked immediately to ensure the correctness of the measurement of aerated concrete according to the proportion.
(2) Secondly, uniform mixing and mixer maintenance: clean the mixer regularly, do a good job in the maintenance and protection of the mixer, timely replace the worn mixing blades, ensure that the mixing paddle and its accessories are intact, and the normal application functions of the mixing system, so as to ensure the cooperative operation of all bodies.
(3) Thirdly, the accuracy of cutting scale and the maintenance of cutting machine: cutting machine makes aerated concrete not only form in large volume, but also have sensitive and diverse shape and scale, high precision, and complete its large-scale mechanized production. The operation condition of the cutting machine directly affects the cutting scale accuracy. Therefore, the maintenance of the transmission equipment and steel wire positioning of the cutting machine should be strengthened, and the imperfections should be found and corrected in time.
(4) Stability and track maintenance of green body operation process: the strength of aerated concrete green body without autoclave protection is low, so it is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of transportation in the production process, reduce the damage to green body structure in the transportation process, and then reduce the impact on product quality.
(5) The continuity of the production process and the protection of other aerated block equipment are undoubtedly the key: the continuity and periodicity of the production technology of aerated concrete blocks require the continuous operation of the equipment in the production process, in which the failure of any equipment may cause the invalidation of the products and have a great impact on the production. Therefore, while maintaining the above equipment, other equipment such as ball mill, slurry pump, gas supply station and inductor also need to be inspected and maintained as scheduled, so as to reduce the number of false shutdown and strengthen its production power.