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Technical principle of cutting machine in aerated block production line? What is the main function?

September 08, 2021
As a new type of wall material production equipment, the production process of aerated block equipment has far exceeded the traditional building material equipment, and the quality of products has been improved! According to its process, the production line of aerated block equipment can be divided into air turnover process and ground turnover process, which are distinguished according to its core cutting machine! The cutting machines in the aerated block equipment are divided into air turnover cutting machine and ground turnover cutting machine.
Aerated block cutting machine is the core equipment of aerated block production line. According to the cutting mode, it can be divided into two categories: first, ground turnover distributed cutting machine (hereinafter referred to as ground turnover distributed cutting machine); The second is the air turnover distributed cutting machine (referred to as the air turnover distributed cutting machine). They have different production processes and equipment configurations, but the cutting process is the same.
At present, the somersault cutting machine is mainly based on the fixed type of cutting when the green body is walking. The fixed distributed cutting machine is mainly composed of longitudinal (horizontal) cutting machine, transverse (vertical) cutting machine, cutting trolley, track, pneumatic and electrical control system. The production efficiency of the cutting machine can be improved by compensating the single-sided elevator (lifting the green body for replacement) and two cutting trolleys, i.e. double trolleys. Generally, a 4.2m cutting machine is used, and the double trolley structure can be selected in the production line with an annual output of more than 200000 m3. Flip cutter, also known as step-by-step mobile cutter, is the core equipment in the production of aerated block.
Working principle of somersault cutting machine: after the mold is turned 90 degrees in the air by the turnover spreader, the mold is demoulded, and the blank and the mold side plate are placed on the cutting table. The longitudinal cutting device drives itself to walk through the motor to walk and cut the blank placed on the cutting table. After cutting, it walks to the suspended position, The transverse cutting device drives itself to walk to the center of the blank body through the motor, stops and then carries out horizontal cutting. The transverse cutting frame drops vertically from top to bottom until it rises and resets.
It can be said that somersault cutting machine and ground somersault cutting machine have their own advantages, which mainly depends on the use of each user. In short, the selection of cutting machine needs to be determined according to different processes and specific conditions. Do not blindly choose unsuitable cutting machine.
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