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Precautions for use and maintenance of aerated block production line

September 06, 2021
1. The empty car shall be assembled on the kettle inlet track for trial operation, and the operation shall be stable.
2. The bearing shall be cleaned and changed once every two months, and the lubricating grease shall be No. 1 colloidal graphite grease.
3. There is also the maintenance of vulnerable parts of steam curing vehicles. If the vulnerable parts are damaged in production, they should be replaced at the front time.
The steam curing trolley is mainly composed of frame and wheels. The frame is mainly composed of section steel, which has good rigidity and simple structure. The upper part is equipped with a bottom plate guide device, so that the bottom plate can be placed quickly and conveniently. The wheel assembly is mainly composed of wheel, shaft and bearing. The surface of the wheel is quenched and durable. The internal structure is specially designed to ensure that the bearing can still roll sensitively and operate reliably after being steam cured in autoclave at high temperature and high pressure.
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