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The importance of steam curing for aerated concrete blocks

October 21, 2021
For aerated concrete blocks, its strength determines the performance of the product and the quality of the whole aerated concrete block equipment. So for aerated concrete block production line, it is especially important to strengthen the quality of the finished blocks.
During the production of aerated concrete block equipment, there are many factors that affect the strength of the finished blocks, so we need to go in the production process to try to avoid the impact of certain factors on the quality of the blocks. Aerated concrete block strength factors are affected by the autoclave maintenance, concrete block cutting and molding, need to be transported to the autoclave for autoclaving, autoclaving has a certain time limit to ensure adequate autoclaving time to ensure the normal development of the strength of aerated concrete, if the autoclave maintenance time is not enough, then the quality of block products will be seriously affected, serious the whole production line Block scrapping, so that the strict implementation of the autoclave maintenance system to ensure good autoclave maintenance measures to ensure the quality of finished blocks of aerated concrete block equipment is very important.
The maintenance system not only provides sufficient and reasonable maintenance for the billet, so that the product can reach the design strength in a short time, but also avoids the possible damage to the billet and the product to the maximum extent. Because products such as tolbo mullite are only produced in large quantities above 174.5°C, the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have good overall physical properties only at this temperature and pressure level and for a certain period of time. Depending on whether the vacuum and so on, the general maintenance time of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks needs 6h~12h.
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