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Process flow of aerated block production line

August 30, 2021
1、 Raw material handling and storage:
Through the reasonable planning of the raw material storage area and improving the raw material treatment methods to avoid the problems of dust, noise and solid waste, so as to create a comfortable working environment for workers.
2、 Metering batching and pouring:
Slurry, binder, gypsum and aluminum powder are measured by corresponding automatic measuring scales respectively, and then stirred at high speed in the mixer, called the main mold box, and then air bubbles are combed. The whole system is automatically controlled by PLC to ensure the accuracy of process operation.
3、 Rest and cutting:
The stable static stop control mode can prevent the damage to the internal structure during the gas expansion of the green body. In the six side cutting scheme provided by colleague Dongyue, the smooth cutting machine and waste skin removal turnover device are the core equipment.
4、 Autoclave and finished product treatment:
After autoclave, the strength and properties of brick are obtained. For the products after coming out of the kettle, the plate breaking and packaging system newly developed by Bona not only improves the product qualification rate, but also solves the problem of separation of blocks and plates.
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