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Function of ball mill in production of aerated concrete block

October 13, 2021
In the aerated concrete production line equipment, the main purpose of the ball mill is to crush the raw materials to achieve the required particle size and fineness. Ball mill is the most important equipment in the preparation of aerated concrete raw materials. It is used for the grinding of lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. The materials can be fully mixed and interacted only after grinding to the required fineness, so as to make the products reach the strength. Grinding is an important procedure in the production of aerated concrete. The power consumption in the grinding process is large. The ball mill is generally the equipment with the largest motor capacity in the aerated concrete factory. As a crushing equipment, ball mill occupies an unshakable position in the of aerated concrete production line!
Main specifications of ball mill in aerated concrete equipment: φ 1500*5700mm, φ 1830*7000mm, φ 2200*7000mm, φ 2400*8000mm。
   in aerated concrete equipment, ball mill is mainly used for grinding limestone, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. Only after these equipment materials are ground and evenly stirred can they be mixed. Only these mixed concrete can meet the working standards. Aerated concrete crushing production is an important process in grinding. It is one of the working machines that consume the most electric energy.
   the ball mill is a long cylinder composed of simplified horizontal cylinder, hollow shaft and grinding materials. The grinding cylinder and bottle are made of steel, coated steel and simplified sleeve. The general grinding ball system of steel can also have different effects on the steel according to different pipe diameters and a certain proportion of load. The abrasive particle size can be selected. The material and fuel are made by the hollow shaft in the cylinder, Due to the influence of inertia, centrifugal force and friction, the plant grinding during the simple rotation of energy-saving ball mill takes a certain height when it leaves near the cylinder liner. Because of its own gravity, the ball mill rotates, and the high objects fall due to the action of centripetal force, so as to achieve the effect of crushing.
   during the rotation of the ball mill cylinder, the grinding body also slides. During the sliding process, the material is grinded. In order to make effective use of the grinding effect, the grinding body cylinder is divided into two sections with a compartment plate, that is, a double compartment. When the material enters the first compartment, it is broken by the steel ball. When the material enters the second compartment, the steel end grinds the material, The ground qualified materials are discharged from the air spindle at the discharge end. When grinding the materials with small feed particles, such as sand, No. 2 slag, coarse fly ash, the mill cylinder can be a single bin cylinder mill without partition.
   with the development of aerated concrete equipment, ball mills are more and more widely used. The ball mill in aerated concrete equipment realizes durability and durability in production. In the production of aerated concrete equipment, ball mill equipment ensures the timely supply of raw materials and efficient fine crushing capacity, and ensures the quality of products!!
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