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How to maintain the Aac block equipment?

December 07, 2022

The maintenance of aerated block production equipment is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

1. The software maintenance of the weighing system. The weighing system determines the accuracy of the measurement by the software, so it should be checked and maintained regularly.

2. The mixer should be inspected and maintained every quarter.

3. Maintenance of the mixer. Only stirring can mix the materials evenly and can ensure the production of high-quality products, so the mixer should be inspected, maintained and maintained regularly. Ensure that its various systems are in good condition and ensure the normal production.

4. To ensure the production of high-quality products, it is necessary to inspect, maintain, and maintain the agitator every quarter. Make sure that its system structure is in good condition to ensure that everything in production is running normally.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of automatic cutting machine. Only upkeep. Only when the automatic cutting machine is in good working condition can the cutting size be guaranteed. Therefore, in the future production and processing process, it is necessary to ensure that the automatic cutting machine is in good condition, it must be maintained regularly and in good condition, and maintenance and maintenance work must be carried out every quarter.

6. It is also necessary to carry out maintenance operations on other parts of the gas filling block equipment every quarter to ensure that every link is in good condition, to ensure that each stage is in good condition, and to ensure that it can always work logically