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Two kinds Autoclaved aerated concrete products

November 24, 2022

Autoclaved aerated concrete products are divided into two categories. According to the selected raw materials, they are divided into sand aerated concrete and ash aerated concrete products. The product varieties are divided into autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and autoclaved aerated concrete panels.

For general block products, according to the local raw material resources of the user, it can be made of fly ash aerated blocks or sand aerated blocks. Sand is generally used to make plates. In order to ensure product strength, it is necessary to use relatively high silicon content. Quartz sand to do it. Autoclaved aerated concrete products are generally used for non-load-bearing walls.

The equipment used is: raw material processing, batching pouring, static curing cutting, marshalling steam curing, kettle packaging and other complete sets of equipment. The core equipment is a distributed cutting unit; It is composed of longitudinal cutting, cross cutting, slotting and other process equipment.